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Levitra, ED, and smoking – how do they mix?

A few years back, the US Court of Appeals explicitly said that major cigarette manufacturing companies committed fraud by labeling their tobacco products mild or low in tar even if they are not. This type of labeling meant that tobacco companies deliberately lied and are still lying to the public; but no matter how vigilant the Court of Appeals is and how clear the evidence is regarding the health risks caused by cigarettes, there are still a lot of people who smoke.

The question is how this issue is related to ED or erectile dysfunction. Nicotine, an ingredient contained in cigarettes cause contraction in the arteries raising blood pressure along the way. This means that it forces one's heart works harder to pump blood into the body.

What's this got to do with erectile dysfunction though? One of the results of too much smoking is limiting the capability of the penile artery to pump blood into the penis. This makes it difficult for the person concerned to form and maintain an erection.

Experts in the field say that when you are young, your body can still supply enough blood to the penile area even if you smoke cigarettes on a daily basis. However as one grows older, the more difficult it will be to maintain an erection. The good news is that you can always quit smoking but the bad news is, it's difficult to kick the habit.

For those who are now experiencing erectile dysfunction or ED, you must know that there are different PDE5 inhibitor drugs available to you. These drugs are also a great treatment for Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. One of the best ED drugs available in the market today is Levitra.

Levitra however will not help you quit smoking but it will relax penile muscles for you to be able to enjoy great sex when sexually stimulated. This drug is a prescription drug which means you would have to consult with a doctor first before the pharmacies can make it available to you. It is still imperative though that you stop smoking to enhance your sex life further.

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