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Causes of Erectile Dysfunction that Levitra Helps

Erectile dysfunction can be embarrassing to men and devastating to relationships. If you are suffering from ED, you might think taking an ED drug like Levitra is the solution. The truth is, finding the right treatment depends on the cause of your ED. Understanding the cause of your impotence will help you identify the best treatment option.

Medical Problems

Numerous medical conditions contribute to the development of erectile dysfunction. In particular, diabetes can trigger ED symptoms. Heart conditions are another problem that can cause ED in men. Both of these conditions involve blood vessels and blood circulation. Anytime those are affected, your chances of developing ED increase dramatically. ED drugs can often help under these circumstances. However, if your ED is the result of chemotherapy or prostate surgery, you should not take ED drugs until you have given your body time to heal. You may find that your ED symptoms disappear as well.


There are over 200 known medications that trigger ED symptoms in men. Specifically, antihistamines and antidepressants are known to cause ED. Some medicines that treat high blood pressure can also be problematic. Painkillers and muscle relaxants may temporarily prevent you from getting an erection. If you take any of these medications and experience ED, notify your doctor before taking an ED drug. Switching to a different medication may alleviate ED symptoms.


It is possible to suffer an injury that is interfering with your ability to get an erection. Any type of injury, even a minor one, to the genitals can cause nerve damage. That damage can prevent you from getting or keeping an erection. ED drugs cannot help if there is nerve damage. You may need corrective surgery to repair the damage so you can get erections again.

Lifestyle Choices

Substance use of any kind can contribute to impotence. For example, nicotine restricts blood vessels which can interfere with your ability to get an erection. It is possible that smoking will cause serious health problems that also cause ED, making your situation worse. Alcohol and street drugs can also prevent you from getting a hard erection. They may affect your libido, sometimes permanently. Obesity not only affects your sex drive but can trigger ED symptoms. Living a healthy lifestyle can decrease your chances of getting ED or alleviate symptoms if you already suffer from erectile dysfunction.


Depression and stress can easily affect your ability to get an erection during sex. Performance anxiety can manifest as a physical inability to get hard. Your mental state has a direct affect on your physical state. In fact, your mental state often dictates your body's response to stimuli, including sexual arousal. Instead of taking an ED drug like Levitra, consider seeing a psychologist or even a sex therapist to deal with the primary issue first.

Understanding the cause of your erectile dysfunction is essential if you want to treat it effectively. Levitra can help when there is a physical reason for your ED as long as there is not an injury involved. Taking an ED drug when it cannot help you places you at greater risk for experiencing side effects of the medication or more serious complications. Ask your doctor about Levitra today!

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