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Frequently Asked Questions about Levitra

Men suffering from erectile dysfunction want a treatment that will alleviate ED symptoms and is safe to take. Levitra meets both requirements. Before taking this medication to treat erectile dysfunction, consider the following frequently asked questions to make sure this is the right treatment for you.

Is this ED drug safe?

Clinical studies show that this ED medication is safe for most men who take it as long as you take it as prescribed by your doctor. Always follow the enclosed instructions provided by the manufacturer. It is important to note that no ED medication will protect you against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) including HIV. Always take appropriate precautions to protect against such infections. Because it has not been approved for minors, teenage boys should not take this drug even if they believe they have erectile dysfunction.

Why do I need to talk to my doctor?

The main reason to talk to your doctor is to get a proper diagnosis. Just because you are unable to get or keep an erection, you should not assume you have erectile dysfunction that can be treated with Levitra . There are many causes of ED, many of which cannot be eliminated using ED or other types of drugs. Taking medication when you do not need it can be dangerous. Your doctor will review your medical history and run a battery of tests to determine if you do have ED. He will also identify the underlying cause in order to develop a proper treatment solution for you.

How can I buy this drug?

There are several ways to buy this ED medication. You can get a prescription from your doctor and get it filled at your local pharmacy. Many men are not comfortable with this approach. It can be embarrassing to have others hear about your problem. For this reason, more men are buying ED drugs online. Not only is it convenient since you can shop whenever you want, but the medication is shipped discreetly to your home so nobody knows what you have purchased.

How quickly will this drug start working?

Most men who take this ED medication report it working within 15-20 minutes of taking a pill. However, it can take as long as one hour for it to be effective. In most cases, the delay in action is due to the absorption rate. If you eat a meal with fatty foods right before you take a pill, it will take longer for the pill to get into your blood stream. Taking a pill with a glass of water can make it work faster.

Is it always effective the first time?

While the majority of men who take this drug report it being effective the first time it is used, there are instances when it may not work the first time. If you are also suffering from extreme performance anxiety, you may find the pill does not work as well the first time. It is recommended you take the drug and try to have sex on several different days before deciding it is not effective. Notify your doctor if you are still struggling to get an erection while taking Levitra. He may need to increase your dosage or change other medications you are taking that are interfering with Levitra's mechanism of action.

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