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Levitra – What is Erectile Dysfunction? (FAQ)

There has been much written about erectile dysfunction. It is important to separate fact from fiction so you can develop a strong treatment plan that will get you back to enjoying sex faster. Part of that treatment plan may include taking an ED drug like Levitra. Following are common frequently asked questions about ED and ED medications.

What is ED?

Basically, erectile dysfunction is the consistent inability of a man to get and keep an erection hard enough to complete sexual intercourse. It is commonly referred to as impotence. Do not confuse a single episode of not being to get an erection with a persistent problem. Most men experience erectile difficulty at some point. However, when you continuously experience problems, you may have ED. The severity of ED symptoms can vary quite a bit.

To determine if you have ED, you must first understand what it takes to get an erection and to keep it. When your penis is sexually stimulated, your brain sends messages that trigger blood to flow toward and into the penis so it gets hard. Blood remains in the penis until ejaculation. ED can occur at any point during this process.

Who gets ED?

Men of all ages experience erectile dysfunction. It is most common once men reach the age of 45 and increases in prevalence thereafter. Although young men can develop ED, it is rare. In most of these cases, men are actually experiencing performance anxiety which can present as ED. Young men are simply less experienced than their older counterparts and may not be able to perform after consuming alcohol or while being anxious.

It is estimated that at least 30 million men in America suffer from ED. Globally, that number can easily double. Because the degree of ED can vary significantly, it is challenging to get a true count of the number of men with ED. Additionally, not all men with ED seek medical attention. Some are too embarrassed while others simply are no longer interested in sex.

How is ED treated?

There are several ways to treat ED. You can make changes to your lifestyle that will reduce ED symptoms. Such changes include reducing stress, exercising more, and eating healthier. Men who stop smoking and drink less can experience fewer episodes of ED. Additional treatments include surgery, vacuum pumps, and penile prosthetics.

By far, the most common treatment for ED is medications like Levitra. These are PDE5 inhibitors which work to increase blood flow to the penis during sexual stimulation. They have proven to be quite effective and are less invasive than some of the other treatment methods. Your doctor will work with you to determine the most suitable treatment for your unique situation.

Are there factors that increase the risk for developing ED?

Age is the primary risk factor. However, that does not mean ED is an inevitable outcomes of aging. It simply means that the chances of you experiencing ED increases as you age. Additional factors include obesity and health conditions like diabetes. If you believe you are at risk for developing ED, talk to your doctor about preventive measures you can take today.

As long as you have a healthy sex drive, Levitra may be the best treatment option for you. You may find you can have sex that is just as enjoyable as when you were longer. Your erection will be hard, and you do not have to worry about staying hard. Levitra helps you get erections that satisfy you and your partner!

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