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Levitra – the most effective ED drug

Phosphodiesterase inhibitors such as Levitra, Cialis or Viagra are used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction or ED. Although these three are basically the same, their components are different. Levitra for example has a different molecular structure and is rather selective in attacking PDE5 without harming other isoenzymes.

According to experts, vardenafil also known under the brand name Levitra is more effective than its competitors. With a starting dose of 10 mg once a day, the drug prolongs and strengthens a man's erection during sexual stimulation as proven in clinical trials. Because of its minor side effects such as headache and flushing, the prescription medication is considered to be the safest and most effective PDE5 inhibitor drug in the market today.

Levitra is a relatively new drug though but this should not be an issue when it comes to how safe and how effective it is. The good thing about this prescription drug is that it works faster than others and can even be effective on a full stomach. It is however advised that you do not eat a fatty meal before taking the drug to take advantage of its effectiveness. According to medical practitioners, users of vardenafil are also less likely to cause any type of visual disturbance –a major problem among drugs of this kind.

The Akrata Medical Center in Greece did efficacy trials involving the drug Levitra. The trials were done on men who were suffering from erectile dysfunction. A total of 6, 809 men participated in the clinical study. Outcomes were studied by two separate entities to make sure that the data gathered is correct. From the fixed-dose trials, the erections were firm enough for vaginal penetration and lasted long enough for sexual intercourse. The end result of course boils down to Levitra being an effective medication to help those with erectile dysfunction successfully engage in sexual intercourse.

A separate study was done in Chipping Norton in the United Kingdom where White House Surgery doctors got 260 men suffering from erectile dysfunction to participate in a vardenafil study. The 12-week trial resulted to ease of erection for 64% of the participants and 64% orgasm satisfaction.

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